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Sometimes something so wonderful comes along that you want to throw your hands in the air and scream THANK YOU!

This is what I felt when i discovered Thrive Themes. And I am not exaggerating. Every time I start speaking about this I get a source of joy and excitement. It is that great.

Why is it that great?


For someone like me who has been working with websites on Wordpress for many years - and is a fanatic about simplicity and great customer flow, Thrive Themes and their many additional features are just the right thing.

Good Stuff

It is website templates and plug ins built to make your website simple, intuitive and not least customer friendly.

Get Leads

This means you have a much better chance of gaining those customers you want and growing your business sustainably. The name Thrive Themes …. not a coincidence

Their content builder is phenomenal...

Before I knew about Thrive Themes I bought a professional Avada Theme, which is super nice but had I gotten any help from Greenie online before that, I would definitely have chosen Thrive Themes. Their content builder is phenomenal. NEVER EVER start out with something else! No other content builder shows you how your page look WHILE you are building it.

Jette Aarestrup Mortensen

Thrive Themes Benefit


A choice from beautifully built templates that you can customize just as you like them.

Easy To Use

A writing tool (Content Builder) that is phenomenal and easy to use.

Signup Features

E-mail Newsletter Signup features that can truly make your site irresistible.

Sell More

Sales features that can make you offer evergreen and sell much more.

Optimizers and more

Landing pages, headline optimizers and much more.

Easy Plugins

Plugins especially made for this theme, so everything works seamlessly.

Chose one of 3 options

The Cheap One

1. Go here and choose a theme.

2. Download the theme and install into your site.

3. Choose which plugins you want and install them.

Thrive Themes Price​: $49
List of PlugIns:
  • Thrive Leads starts at $67
  • Thrive Content Builder starts at $49
  • Thrive Landing Pages starts at $49
  • Thrive Clever Widgets starts at $39
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer starts at $67
  • Thrive Ultimatum starts at $127

Click here

The Good

  • You can get started fairly cheap if you only want a few plugins.
  • You can always add more.

The Bad

  • You can only use it on one site. 
  • Buying all plugins and a theme will be more expensive than the membership. 

Become A Member

1. Go here and join as a member.

2. This gives you access to choose all templates and plugins at one price.

3. For the duration of your membership, you will automatically get new plugins for free


Thrive Membership $75

Thrive Membership $228

Click here

The Good

  • Get the full deal and new plugins they release while you are a member.
  • Access to members area for support and training.

The Bad

  • You will still have to install everything yourself.
  • But they have good support if you get lost in the woods.


You can also sign up for quarterly payment and you DON’T have to continue after this. Your plugins will still be able to update, but you will not get new features.

Co-Creation Package

1. Go here and choose which template you’d like.

2. Schedule an online meeting to talk your ideas through to choose your package.

3. Buy the co-creation package of your choice.

4. We install the template and every single one of the plugins.

5. You get access to your site and start creating.

6. You get access to all our resources and demo video library about how to build that perfect website.

7. You get support for design and technical issues according to the package you choose.

See prices below.

Click here


Includes a choice from all themes provided by Thrive Themes. 

All plugins included.

Includes 2 hours of technical help apart from installment. 

Use these hours to get help integration with your newsletter, Facebook and other things.

  • Value: € 593
  • Price: € 397

You save: € 196

€ 397


Includes a choice from all themes provided by Thrive Themes.

All plugins included.

Includes 5 hours of technical and design help apart from installment. 

These hours will be enough for installing Facebook Likes, your E-mail provider service and get some great professional design finish on your page.

  • Value: € 848
  • Price: € 653

You save: € 195

€ 653


Includes a choice from all themes provided by Thrive Themes.

All plugins included.

Include 8 hours of technical design and text editing help. The 8 hours are apart from the installment.

​This is practically a "done for you" website where you deliver the idea and the text and we can help out with the design, images, social media integrations and much more.

  • Value: € 1104
  • Price: € 907

You save: € 197

€ 907

The Good

  • We do all the technical things to get your template up, and you can start designing straight away so you can start to grow your business.
  • You will not have to figure everything out by yourself. We have a comprehensive course and checklists so you get stuff done.
  • We will get on video calls with you if you want and record personal visual demos when needed.
  • This package includes the upcoming online course Website creation - from none to done valued at
    EUR 397.

The Bad

  • Price is higher. However you will be in such good hands and get that peace of mind allowing you to create the best website.
  • No full 30 days free trial. If you choose you don’t like to work with us we deduct the time spend and refund the price of the plugin and template.

I bought an online program while I was building my website. It was a great help to get me focusing on the right things and it made me think differently.

I also had her go through my website and she gave me great feedback. She is a superb advisor and
I highly recommend her to people who are struggling with getting their website done.