Choosing your Marketing Strategy – Find out what you like

Hi! It’s me, Helle from Greenie-Online, and I would like to talk about your marketing strategy.

If you have been in business for a little while or you are thinking about starting up, you might have noticed that there are a lot of things that people say you should do to market yourself. If you just mention your business to one or two people, they will have a lot of good ideas about how you should get out there to get your first clients, or get more clients, and so on.

What you’re facing, however, looks like a photo I have in one of my favorite gardening books. In this photo, there are so many plants growing close together that it looks completely overwhelming, and this is, more or less, how it looks for you if you go out there and try to figure out how you should market yourself.

Now, where it gets even trickier is nobody can give you a correct answer, completely, as to which strategy you should use. You can take some advice from people who have done something similar, but you cannot know what’s actually going to work for you.

Let me illustrate this. I had this crop of chard, and the plants are very pretty. They come out in orange, purple and white and they look gorgeous when they’re in your garden. The trouble is that I really didn’t like it. It was not tasty. It was bland, and I could not do anything with it.

I realized, ‘OK this is not for me’, but I couldn’t have known this before I actually tasted it. I couldn’t have known it before I tried it out and this is what you should think about in your business, as well. You cannot know exactly what you’re going to like, but you also cannot know before you try it. So, take some advice from someone who knows about it, and then try it out on a small-scale.

For instance, I did not plant chard in my whole garden. I planted it in a small row, so it was not a catastrophe that I had this and I didn’t like it. I had other things in my garden, as well. So try out some things to see what you like, and if we’re talking about social media channels, it’s a good idea to be an expert in one or two areas, and that’s where you’re going to put your focus.

You should not go and use twenty different channels, because then you’re only dabbling and you’re not at expert level. So, choose what you like, but first you have to try and see what you like, choose what you like and focus on that.

I hope this was an inspiration, and I’ll see you next time. Now, go grow your own business!


Helle Buttrup

I help you create easy to use online solutions making you grow your business in an organic and sustainable way. I am all about evergreen and making things run automatically with a very personal and authentic touch.

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