Finding your Ideal Customer Using Your Gut Feeling

Hi! It’s me, Helle from Greenie-Online, and today I would like to talk with you about how to find your ideal client. This concept is something that people talk about all the time, and it’s not that complicated actually.

When you start your business and you are new at business, or whenever you think that things have gotten out of hand maybe, you should think about what you would like to spend your time on. What kind of people would you like to help? What kind of people light you up, and who gets most inspired by you?

It is just the same as when you have a garden and you want to plant something in there. You want to sow some seeds, you want to have some crops, and you can decide what you want. It’s not as if there are only two types of vegetables. There are a many types of vegetables, and some people really hate carrots and other people really hate kale.

These people should not plant carrots or kale in their garden, even though that might be something that a lot of other people do. You can choose yourself what you want to plant, and you should really think about this, because it’s true in business, too.

The other day I talked with a business coach who is my friend, and she had a talk with a client who was scheduled to be on to her program and cancelled. She cancelled her appearance and didn’t want to go through with it, but then this client came back and asked if she could come on the same program again.

My friend thought, ‘I’m not really sure. I don’t like the vibe, and maybe it’s not a good idea. If she cancelled the first time, maybe it’s not a good idea to schedule her on the program a second time.’

When she told the client no, the client got upset and said, ‘Well you cannot choose your own customers. How can you do that?’ How can you say no to me? How can you choose who is going to be on your program?’

During our discussion, I totally agreed with my friend: Yes, you can.

If you have your own business, you can choose who is going to be in your business and who is going to be the one that you help, and you should be mindful of this, because it is so important for your own success and your own feeling of fulfillment in your business.

So, think about your business as your garden: What kind of vegetables do you want to grow, and what kind of weeds do you not want to have in your garden? Customers come in all sorts, so choose the ones you like.

That’s all for today. I hope you found some inspiration. Now, go grow your own business!


Helle Buttrup

I help you create easy to use online solutions making you grow your business in an organic and sustainable way. I am all about evergreen and making things run automatically with a very personal and authentic touch.

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