Be The Expert Of Your Business

I would like to talk with you about showing up as an expert. I don’t know if you know this, but a lot of people who advise others about business say that you have to be an expert at something. This can be a little bit difficult when you’re just starting out. Maybe you’re not sure what you want to work with exactly or how your business should be structured, but it’s actually something you have to think about from the start.

To illustrate this, I want you to imagine that you’re looking at new plants in a garden. Baby kale plants are tiny and small. They don’t look like the kale that they will become when they’re big, but I’m not in doubt of what they are. I know these plants in my garden are going to be kale when they grow up, and you have to know what you want to be when you grow up in your business. It is very important.

When a potential client sees your Web page or meets you somewhere to talk about your business, you have to be sure to tell him or her what it is you’re doing. It’s sort of like when I have all new plants in my garden and I’m going through my beds to see if there are any weeds. I have to be sure which plant to pull out and take away because it’s a weed, and I have to be sure which plants to leave.

If I’m not sure which plants to leave, I will have a bed that is infested with weeds. It’s the same thing for your clients. They have to be sure to pick you as the right person, so you have to show them what you are.

A baby kale plant is very small and tiny. A baby squash plant is quite different. Although, they are both young, there’s no mistaking the two of them. You can tell definitely that they are different when you look at them.

This is the same thing you have to do in your marketing, you have to stand out and be very clear so that your potential clients can see what it is exactly you are doing; otherwise, they’ll just think you’re a weed, actually. They’ll think, ‘Okay, this is not for me. This may be for somebody else, but it’s not for me.’ They have to be sure what it is that you do.

And even though you’re still in the startup phase and you’re a tiny little plant, you have to show up as the expert that you are. At the beginning, you have to show up as what you will be when you are big; otherwise, you’ll never be big. You’ll get weeded out and nobody will buy your product.

I hope that was an inspiration for you! Now, go grow your own business!


Helle Buttrup

I help you create easy to use online solutions making you grow your business in an organic and sustainable way. I am all about evergreen and making things run automatically with a very personal and authentic touch.

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