Seeds Won’t Grow in Bad Soil

Let me tell you a story about what happened when I first tried to grow tomatoes. I wanted to grow them myself, so I bought some seeds, but I did not read the “instructions.” At the time, I lived with some cows—that is to say, the cows had a pasture right outside my house—and, naturally, they left dung around out there. 

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I thought I had heard that cow dung was amazing for tomatoes, so I mixed some of their “presents” with some soil from my garden and put my tomato seedlings in plant potters filled with the mixture.

I waited…
And waited…
And watered the seedlings…
And waited…
Nothing was happening, so I made sure my tomato plants were directly in the sunlight. They still did not thrive. They just hung there.
They didn’t grow.

I Was Doing Everything Right… I Thought

Confused, I read up on the matter. What I didn’t know was that for a small plant to grow well, the initial soil must not be loaded heavily with nutrients; this simply does not allow for the roots to form.
I thought that by mixing the cow dung with my soil, I was helping my baby tomato plants, but in reality, I had been poisoning them all along. No amount of sunlight, or watering for that matter, would have done the trick.
Now, where am I going with this?

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Your Mindset Is Your Mind’s Soil

You know that I am very interested not only in the mechanical part of growing a business but also in the mindset part, and the analogy I would like to make here is that if your mindset is not right, your business will not grow and thrive.  

Your mindset is like soil, and if it is full of negative thoughts, such as doubt, fear, resentment or anger, your business will suffer. This “tainted soil” will actually make you say and do things that will harm your business’ growth.  

For instance, if you have a fear of rejection, you might fail to market your product or service effectively, or you might set your pricing so low that you are unable to earn a decent income.  

If you doubt your ability to deliver quality, you might not offer your product or service to the people who need it. You might keep it hidden away simply as a result of your own fear.

Wrong Soil

Other indications that you are planting your business in the wrong soil are if you keep educating yourself for years and years, yet do nothing with what you have learned.
These actions cause you to hide your skills away from potential customers and not shine your light so that those who need you can see you.
That’s not all. What about money itself? If you have a fear of money, whether it’s not having enough or having too much (and, yes, believe it or not, a fear of being rich is common), you will stop yourself from taking the necessary actions to make money, or feel guilty and spend the whole lot once you do make it.
Like I’ve said before, growing a business is a personal development process. It is not just the bottom line that should grow, you should grow, too. It works the other way around, as well: You must grow, in order for your bottom line to grow. So, what can you do if you recognize that you have too many of the above-mentioned “soil toxins”?

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Overcome Your Fears

Well, first of all, you must never beat yourself up about it. Chances are that you never consciously decided to think this way; it just happened due to your life’s circumstances. To combat the mental programming that is disabling your growth, I would advise that you soak up a lot of “antidote.”   My antidote is audio feedback, such as audiobooks, meditation and hypnosis programs. They work so well for me! I listen to some of them while I cook or garden, and others I use right before getting up in the morning or going to sleep at night.   I find these tools help me focus on what is to be done, taking away the fears and leaving me with all of my possibilities fresh at hand. Some of my recommendations include: Plant good seeds in your mind.   These are what work for me, but I’d love to hear what you do to turn your mindset into a positive garden for your good seeds to grow. Tell us in the Facebook Community and let others be inspired also.   I can’t wait to hear from you. Now go grow your own business!


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I help you create easy to use online solutions making you grow your business in an organic and sustainable way. I am all about evergreen and making things run automatically with a very personal and authentic touch.

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