Stop the fear of spending time and money by making your business your hobby

Hi! It’s me, Helle from Greene-Online, and I was just out taking a walk and thinking about how you have to invest time, money and energy into your business, and how this is a struggle for people sometimes.

You know that you need to put in some time, some effort, some energy, and some money in your business to have income in the end. It’s not something that just happens by itself. But sometimes, you can get so nervous about not having the income or the output from your efforts, so you stop yourself even before you get started by, for instance, not wanting to participate in something you have to pay for because there’s a lot of free stuff out there.

Now, this is perfectly all right, but here’s the thing: Free stuff is not the same as something that has been put into systems and has somebody who gives you feedback, and this might be what you actually need, but you stop yourself from making the investment and putting that investment back into your business.

While I was walking, I was thinking that this is probably because we have this fear or insecurity about whether we’re actually going to get something back from our efforts. So, what can we do about that?

It’s not as if I’m saying that you have to throw all your money into your business and buy everything that somebody wants to sell you. That’s not what I’m saying. It’s just that I can see that many times people know they need something, and they just don’t go and get it because they’re afraid it will not give them the result they desire.

So then, I thought this, “Oh! Did you ever think about how much time, effort and money people they put into their hobbies? They put in extreme amounts of time, energy and money.” If they have some kind of sport or hobby they enjoy, for instance, like golf or people who knit, they could spend so much money on the greens or have so much wool that you could knit sweaters for a whole army!

People who fish are another example. They buy a lot of gear, and they don’t think that they are missing out on something. They buy this because they really want to, and they want this nice equipment to help them have more fun.

Now, I think we should think the same way when we’re building our businesses. Make your business your hobby and think of it as a hobby. Think of the time that you put into it by building your website, or making your online courses, or making videos or whatever you do; think of all this as a hobby and make it fun. Take the pressure out of having to produce something that has to be a certain way and has to yield a special outcome that you’re looking for and just have some more fun with it.

I know that this mindset is a bit controversial, because we would usually say that you have to be really serious, but sometimes adapting another mindset around your business can be more useful. Having more fun and making your business into your hobby also makes it more pleasurable to go and do the stuff that you have to do.

Maybe you have to work on your business in the evenings, and usually you watch TV, or read a book or something, but now you’ll say, “OK, my business is my hobby, and I’m going to use more time on that and enjoy the time that I’m using.”

These are just my thoughts, and I don’t know if you have any comments on them. If you do, please leave them below. I was just thinking that this is a positive mindset that people could use.

Anyway, please leave a comment if you want to or share this blog with your friends. I hope you have a great day. Now, go grow your own business!


Helle Buttrup

I help you create easy to use online solutions making you grow your business in an organic and sustainable way. I am all about evergreen and making things run automatically with a very personal and authentic touch.

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