Gratitude and Sending out Wishes for a New Business

Hi there! Now, my kind of luxury is being able to have a bonfire in my garden. It is awesome. I don’t know about you, but I think it is a luxury. I really think it is the best thing in the world that I can sit in my own garden and have a bonfire all by myself. A special night on which I recently did this was Summer Solstice, which you know is the time of year where the sun stays up the longest.

This is very special in Denmark where I live, because we live so much to the north. During Summer Solstice, we have sunlight until eleven o’clock in the evening. Even at ten o’clock, the light is natural light, and if you live somewhere else, you might not have as much sun as we have this time of year.

It’s amazing to me, because you get so much energy and you can do whatever you want until very late, and it doesn’t feel like it’s late at all. It doesn’t even get dark, so it is magical.

When I was sitting in my garden during Summer Solstice, my business, Greenie-Online, had not even been launched yet, but I was preparing the website, I was preparing the emails to go out, and I was preparing the courses and the things I wanted to do for my business and for you. It was so magical being in this process where things had not started yet, but they would. I just sat by the fire until it got as dark as it would get and dreamt and thought about what would come.

The day before Summer Solstice, I did a moon ritual, and that was wonderful because it was during a full moon. When it is so close to Summer Solstice, there is so much power and energy, and I released a lot of stuff and wished for a lot of new things to come into my life. I felt powerful and tranquil and quiet all at the same time.

It’s really, really nice, and I hope you feel the same wherever you are in the world, no matter the time of year. If you like, you can put a comment below and tell me how you are, where you are, and what you’re doing today.

Take care and go grow your own business and be amazing!


Helle Buttrup

I help you create easy to use online solutions making you grow your business in an organic and sustainable way. I am all about evergreen and making things run automatically with a very personal and authentic touch.

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