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From the blog...

"I have now built my website all by myself..."

I needed to learn about WordPress websites, Mailchimp and a lot more. I knew nothing at all to begin with. I have now built my website all by myself, I've got people on my email list and I have sold 4 seats on my upcoming course. I am very hopeful that I can fill in the last 4 seats before deadline.

I could not have done all this without the help from the webinars, the online courses and the Facebook Community. I Just wish I had known about this before I started, but I am thankful I have learned so much. A big thumbs up to you and your business.

"My new website has brought attention from the media, both newspapers, magazines and TV..."

I needed someone to help me with my website, my Facebook page and all the technical stuff.

Helle has been priceless! She has things under control, is up to date, and explains matters in such a pedagogical way - something really essential when one has an almost phobic relationship with technology, as I have. She also stops me if I am about to spend money on something I really don’t need.​

My business is now very visible. My new website has brought in attention from the media many times, both newspapers, magazines and TV.

I recommend Helle to small business owners who want to keep expenses at a reasonable level and have a functioning website.​

With Helle you are in good hands. Things work and she is original, creative, knowledgeable, thorough and loving. A true gem to be recommended.

"It could put the knowledge into action straight away, even though I am a beginner..."

I needed help when I was building a new website for my husband, a specialist doctor. I had never done it before and need help for everything: menu structure, copywriting, search words and a booking calendar.

Helle would explain me what pages to have and the structure of the site to guide people around, as this is something my own logic did not tell me.

​I was told to put a call to action buttons on all pages and other helpful suggestion for optimization.

​Everything was quick and I understood it instantly and could put it into action straight away even though I am a beginner.

​Once the site was up things went fast. We are now booked a month ahead.


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